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Rejang Tribe - Sumatra (Indonesia)

Rejang tribe is one of the oldest tribes in Sumatra. Tribal dominated districts Rejang Rejang Lebong, Kepahiang district, Central Bengkulu District, Bengkulu Utara, and Lebong district. Based on the vocabulary and dialect owned Rejang language, ethnicity was categorized Proto Malays.
Rejang historical origins are actually very unlikely correctly narrated as real facts. This is due to several factors that resulted in Rejang historical origins are erased and lost in the ignorance of past generations. Those factors are as follows:

  1. Rejang tribes do not yet understand the role of media to be used as guidelines appropriate to narrate history, such as the ability to draw, write, sculpt, or other things that can allow it to be detected by future generations for disejarahkan. Evidence that archaeologists have not discovered its existence to the present day.
  2. Rejang tribes are still influenced by the tradition of fictional, so things that make no sense included in the historical narrative. It makes the history of the origins of the fictional story of Rejang be valid and reliable benchmark for much of the narrated history.
  3. Rejang tribe not care past, but accept past history narrated by historians and scholars with the status of foreign invaders. It is also associated with some unscrupulous Rejang tribes were too confident of his own opinion, but the ability to speak the various dialects of Rejang Rejang that there is no control. Rejang tribes participating in the project is also not the original status of the Rejang, let alone live in tribal communities Rejang pristine.
  4. Rejang tribe with the most natural resources exploited by invaders into the area being tribal origin Rejang. This is due to the engineering of the invaders who does have the ability to read and write, while very dibodohkan Rejang tribe. The nature of these invaders are already known by historians of Indonesia, the Indonesian occupiers to keep people aware of modern science. Modern knowledge such as linguistic skills, arithmetic, philosophy, and modern sciences have not been obtained by other Rejang tribes who are ethnic groups in Indonesia. This proved to be the letters kaganga is said to be the original writings Rejang tribe, but in fact are not able to understand the past Rejang tribe until the present. It is also growing doubts that the script is the name of a tribe native Rejang Rejang tribe which is the initiative itself.
  5. Rejang tribe too imitative is not creative, it proved with traditional musical instruments, traditional dance, traditional house, traditional wedding ceremony, and even custom clothing that is all imitation of nearby tribes and settlers from the land of Rejang. This phenomenon can be directly visible guessed by every observer, even though it is an amateur observer.
Of some of the above factors, it is difficult to detect historical origins Rejang tribe. Nevertheless, there is still a legacy that is still evident inherited and still exists today. The legacy is the Rejang language, a unique language that has not been extinct until now. Although archaeological evidence of its existence has not been proven to be fact, but the language can be used as guidelines for tracing the history of Rejang. It is proved that the person most responsible for Rejang is narrated parts Rejang Rejang with advanced language skills or native speakers of Rejang are able to communicate with people with the ability to narrate stories Rejang scientifically past.

Rejang tribe occupies Rejang Lebong district, Kepahiang district, North Bengkulu regency, Central Bengkulu district, and the district Lebong. This tribe is a tribe with the largest population in the province of Bengkulu, the tribe is not adaptive to developments in the outside area. This is because the Rejang culture that is difficult to accept the opinion outside the prevalence of opinion in their opinion, and this is a proof of their faith and obedience to the customs prevailing since time immemorial. This illustrates that since time immemorial has Rejang tribe customs. Because the majority of the Rejang tribes still retain their culture, do not be surprised if the customary law in the form of fines and washing villages still maintained until now. Rejang tribe glorifies self-esteem, as well as the maintenance of the dignity of women, contempt for the thieves, and the torture and the provision of legal penalties for adultery. Due conformity with Islamic tradition Rejang, Rejang tribes have changed their previous beliefs to the teachings of Islam. Until now, their culture is also synonymous with Islamic nuance. In the current era, had many sons and daughters have Rejang tribes go to college as science teacher education, health sciences, law, economics, literature, and others. Many who have been to his profession as civil servants, officials, doctors, private employees, lawyers, police, and various professions who have honor in modern society in this era.

After Britain formally handed over to the Dutch government in Bengkulu on 6 April 1825, the fate of Bengkulu and coastal communities continue to suffer under colonial shackles. The condition is different from the Rejang people in rural or mountainous areas that have never experienced colonialism until 1860. Luck was due to the location of the Rejang area far inland and surrounded by hills and jungles of the cordon is still very wild. Pat Holland visited the country before Petulai, Rejang civilization is more advanced compared to other communities. This is evidenced in the Rejang society has had its own community government consisting of 5 people tui Kutei. Kutei an indigenous people native stands and geneologis consist of at least 10 to 15 families or homes, while the head Kutei tui Kutei is chosen based on lineage founder petulai (kinship unity Rejang original).
With a system such petulai, indicating Rejang people already have customary laws obeyed by his supporters. Advanced civilization on the Rejang Rejang also indicated that the tribe has had its own script as a transmitter of information, the script kaganga. Until now, people still have the original Rejang civilization that respects dignity. Frequent occurrence of civilization in a society Rejang damage because many residents in the area who can speak Rejang Rejang, but in their genealogical society Rejang is not the original (not a patrilineal lineage). It is a phenomenon which tarnished the image of Rejang tribe.

Rejang tribes have significant differences in dialect narrative language. Kepahiang Rejang dialects have differences with Rejang dialect in the district known as the Rejang Lebong Curup Rejang dialect, the dialect Rejang North Bengkulu, Rejang dialect Central Bengkulu, Rejang dialect and the population in the district Lebong. In reality, the dominant dialect Rejang consists of three kinds. The dialect is as follows:
  1. Rejang dialect Kepahiang (include district Kepahiang)
  2. Dialect Curup Rejang (Rejang Lebong include district, Central Bengkulu district, and North Bengkulu district)
  3. Dialects of Rejang Lebong (include Lebong district and the district of North Bengkulu district adjacent to Lebong)

Rejang dialect groupings of three, currently divided into Rejang Rejang Kepahiang, Rejang Curup, and Rejang Lebong. However, despite the three dialects of the Rejang language is relatively different, but every native speakers can understand the difference Rejang vocabulary when the communication takes place. Because of these differences as differences in dialect in American English, British English and Australian English. Philosophically, Rejang dialect differences occur because of the distance factor, social factors, and psychological factors of the Rejang tribe itself. It is also proved that the level of unity and Rejang tribe is still very low when compared with other nearby tribes tribes Lembak, Serawai tribes, and tribal Pasemah. That's because instead of Rejang tribe tribal nomads so that the level of ownership of their land is high, they are still easily influenced divide et empera invaders waged since the reign of the Dutch East Indies. In the current era, the politics of divide waged by certain groups with relatively similar goals with the colonial Dutch East Indies.

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