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Serawai Tribe - Bengkulu

Serawai tribes are tribes with the second largest population living in Bengkulu area. Most of the tribal people in the district abides Serawai South Bengkulu, which is in the district of Talbot, Seluma, Talo, Pino, Kelutum, Manna, and Seginim. Serawai has a mobility rate is high enough, many of those who migrate to other areas to seek a new life, like the district to Kepahiang, Rejang Lebong district, North Bengkulu district, and so on.

Traditionally, tribal life Serawai of activities in agriculture, especially plantation. Many of them seek or type of plantation crops such as cloves, coffee, coconut, and rubber. Nevertheless, they are also seeking food crops, crops, horticulture, and livestock for subsistence.

Tribal origin Serawai still can not scientifically formulated, either in writing or in other forms of publication. Serawai tribal origin only from the description or story of old people. Of course the history of speech such as this is very difficult to avoid the inclusion of elements of legend or myth that it is difficult to distinguish the valuable history. There is an inscription that was found in the tomb of the Patriarchs Semidang Four hamlet located in Maras, Talo. The paper was written on the bark by using letters that resemble ancient Arabic letters. Unfortunately until now there is no in between experts who can read it.

Based on the stories of parents, ethnicity Serawai derived from ancestors who named Serunting Milky titled The bitter tongue. The origins of the Milky Serunting itself is still dark, some people say that the Milky Serunting comes from an area in the Arabian Peninsula, which came to Bengkulu through the kingdom of Majapahit. In Majapahit, Serunting Milky ask a local to dwell in, and by the King of Majapahit he was ordered to lead in the area of ​​South Bengkulu. There is also the thought that the Milky Serunting came from the sky, he fell to the earth without going through a mother's womb. In addition, some are found Serunting Sakti is the child of a liaison between Puyang Head Jurai with Princess Grace.

Inside there Lebong Tembo brief story of a princess named Princess Freetime. Freetime is the son of princess Rajo Megat, who has two sons and a daughter namely Rajo Mawang Freetime. In the story of Rajo tembo Mawang continues, while the story of Princess Freetime just disconnected. It's just that there is no mention that the daughter of the family Rajo Freetime Mawang wasted.

When we refer to the story of the birth Serunting Sakti, allegedly nothing to do with the story of the Princess Freetime and there is the possibility that Miss Freetime is called by the name of Princess Grace Serawai. It is said that the head of Puyang Jurai very powerful in love with Princess Grace, but her love was rejected. But thanks to the miracle, Puyang Head Jurai can have sex with daughter Grace, daughter unwittingly by itself. As a result of this act Princess Grace became pregnant. After Princess Grace gave birth to a daughter, named Princess Reject Merindu then occurred the marriage between Princess Grace with Puyang Head Jurai, and even then after Princess Reject Merindu can run and spoken word.

After the marriage, the family Puyang Jurai head yet again to have children for a long time. Then lifted Puyang Head Jurai seven children, namely: Semidang Mites, Semidang Merigo, Semidang Resam, Semidang Pangi, Semidang Tripe, Semidang Gumay, and Semidang Semitul. Afterwards, Puyang Head Jurai obtained a son named Serunting. Serunting is then a title of the Milky Serunting The bitter tongue. Milky Serunting berputera seven people, namely:

1. Serampu Sakti, who settled in Rantau Panjang (now including clan Semidang Alas), South Bengkulu;
2. Gumatan, who settled in Padang Pasemah Breached, Lahat;
3. Serampu Rayo, who settled in Tanjung Karang Enim, Ogan Ilir Lematang Central (LIOT);
4. Betimpang Sati, who settled in Ulak Noni, Ogan;
5. The Betulah, who settled in Saleman Latitude, Lahat;
6. The Betulai, who settled in Niur Latitude, Lahat;
7. Gunung Bujang, who settled in Ulak Noni Latitude, Lahat.

Son Serunting named Serampu Milky Way has 13 sons were scattered across the ground Serawai. Serampu Sakti with her children is considered a forerunner of Serawai tribes. Son to 13 Serampu Sakti named Rio i├žin title Puyang Kelura have children up to Lematang Ulu and latitude.

Definition of Serawai
The word itself is still unclear Serawai mean, some people say that Serawai mean "one family", it is not surprising when seen sense of brotherhood or kinship between the members of the tribe Serawai very strong (especially those who live in the community ride other races / wander). There are also three other opinions regarding the origin of the word Serawai, namely:
  1. Serawai derived from the word sawai meaning branch. Branch here means the two branches of the river Musi river and the river is bounded by hills Seluma Campang;
  2. Serawai derived from Seran said. Seran word itself means wretched, it was associated with the legend of the king's sons are upstream discarded because of a contagious disease. The king's son discharged into rivers and stranded in the estuary, then that's where the king's son to build the country.
  3. Serawai Selawai derived from the word meaning girl or virgin. This opinion is based on a story that says that Serawai tribe are descendants of a husband and wife. The husband comes from Rejang Sabah (Bengkulu coast native) and his wife are a daughter or a girl who comes from Lebong. In the Rejang language dialect Lebong, daughter or girl called Selaweie. Both husband and wife are then breed and established a small kingdom by the Lebong called Selawai.

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