Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pakarena Dance

Pakarena dance is a traditional dance from South Sulawesi who was accompanied by two (2) drum heads (Gandrang) and a pair of flute instruments such devices (puik-puik). In addition to dance Pakarena that had been played by the maestro Daeng Pakarena Maccoppong Rannu (late) in Gowa district, there are also other types of dance Pakarena derived from the Islands District Selayar "Pakarena Gantarang". Referred to as Pakarena Gantarang because this dance comes from a village which is the center of the kingdom on the island in the past, namely Selayar Gantarang Lalang Bata. Dance performed by four female dancers was first displayed in the 17th century precisely in 1903 when Pangali Patta King crowned as King in Gantarang Lalang Bata.
There is no data that says since when this dance there and who created this Gantarang Pakarena but people believe that Gantarang Pakarena associated with the emergence Tumanurung. Tumanurung an angel come down from heaven to give guidance to men on earth. Instructions are given in the form of a symbol - a symbol of the movement then known as Pakarena Gantarang. It is almost similar to what was spoken by one of the players Pakarena Munasih Nadjamuddin Makassar. Women are often equated Mama Muna said that the story begins Pakarena farewell residents botting rainbow (State Kayangan) with occupant lino (earth) time immemorial. Before parting, botting langi lino teaches residents about the way of life, farming to hunting way through hand movements, body and legs. Movement is then a ritual dance while the population of the earth expressed gratitude to the inhabitants of the heavens.
Not surprisingly, the movement of the dance is a very artistic and meaningful, subtle even very difficult to distinguish from one another. This dance is divided into 12 sections. Each movement has a special meaning. Sitting position, a sign of the beginning and end of the dance Pakarena. Rotary motion clockwise, shows the human life cycle. While the up and down movement, the rhythm of life is like a mirror. Rules of the game, a dancer Pakarena not allowed to open his eyes too wide. Similarly, the movement of the feet, should not be raised too high. This is true throughout the last dance that takes about two hours. Pakarena Gantarang music instruments such as drum accompaniment, kannong-kannong, gong, studs and pui-pui. While the costumes of the dancers are, pahang clothes (hand-woven), lipa 'sa'be (silk sarong typical South Sulawesi), and typical jewelry Selayar District. In 2007, Pakarena Gantarang representing South Sulawesi and Indonesia at the Cultural Bridges Event 2007, Indonesia-Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

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