Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kasti (Baseball)

Kasti or Gebokan is a kind of sport balls. Game was performed 2 groups using a tennis ball as a tool to shoot opponents and rock piles to be spliced. Anyone who managed to pile up stones quickly without the ball is hit to win the game.
At the beginning of the game, first determined which froup would be the beginning and the guard who pursued the suit. The group that become guardian should immediately catch the ball immediately after the pile of rocks collapsed by the group is pursued.
If the ball had touched the opponent, then the group members moved the ball to a guard pile of stones. Cooperation among members of a group is needed as well as sports softball or baseball.
Another version of the game of kasti that many elementary school children play. Player divided into two teams, one gets a shift and the other teams turn to hit.
Provided some posts marked with poles where players attack (whose turn hitting) should not be in "gebok" or thrown the ball. Attack players take turns hitting the game ball fed by one of the players watch. Players keep guard on the ground to try to catch the punch attack players.
When the ball hit the player ran into the following post attack or "go home" to "home" which is bounded by a line. If the players were running to the post or go to the "gebok" he declared dead and both teams changed - so the team keep attacking team and vice versa. Attacking players made it home one point.
The team that gets the most points when the game ends wins otherwise. This game is using the motion base running, hitting a ball with stick, catching and throwing. Consist of 2 base with a minimum distance of 20 meters.

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